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Critical Incident Support

Experienced support within the time frame you need


I have experience providing critical incident support and policy consultations to global organizations including international hotel groups, construction companies, and educational groups. 

  • Critical Incident Support - I provide on-site support, screening, and recommendations for companies and organizations after a worksite accident, a death, or any other incident that has impacted your team. These consultations are designed to identify people who may need additional psychological support in the aftermath of an incident and to help everyone involved safely manage the days, weeks, and months that follow. 

  • Policy Consultations - I work with school administrations and company HR / Management departments to improve policies related to critical incidents and bereavement. 

    • Critical Incident PoliciesCritical incidents can be overwhelming for employees, managers, and HR alike and require timely and coordinated action on a number of levels. Having a clear and comprehensive critical incident policy ensures that your company's response to a critical incident is cohesive, sensitive to the needs of your community, and consistent with your company's values.

    • Bereavement Policies - Grief is a natural and universal experience, but it's one that we often struggle to know how to deal with. The death of someone, whether in an employee's life or within the workplace, can have a big impact on your work environment. Having a clear and comprehensive bereavement policy can guide management and co-workers in how to sensitively support a grieving individual/work community and build an inclusive work environment in which everyone can thrive.    

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